• When we speak about Events

    We speak about communication, about closeness, interaction, contact, about sharing experiences.
  • When we speak about Corporate Humor

    We speak about the power of the smile as a tool of communication and cohesion
  • When we speak about Shows and Entertainment

    We Speak about the unique magic of live performance, about feelings and sensations.
  • When we speak about Contents

    We Speak about imagination, about creativity, impacts, about the power of the ideas put in value.
  • When we speak about Divertia

    We Speak about people, efficacy and results…
  • Definitively, when we speak about Divertia

    We speak about Dreams that are fulfilled.

Somos especialistas en lograr sonrisas…



In Divertia, when we speak about events… we speak about communication, closeness, about contact; we speak about creating that unique magic of the live performance, we speak about experiences, emotions, sensations, imagination, about creativity…

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Corporate Humor

Corporate Mood

The most effective companies know that humor is an extraordinary tool to connect. It contributes to the improvement of the communication, strengthens relations, increases the productivity, facilitates the creativity and the solution of problems…

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Shows and Entertainment

Animations and shows

Communicate, appeal to, entertain, acclimate, thrill is what we achieve with our shows and performances. We investigate, select, advise and manage to be a success…

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Moving forward requires reconsider the obvious, the day to day. In Divertia we do it constantly, designing new formats, creating new ideas: different and effective contents that generate returns…

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Este mes…

Este mes de Noviembre destacamos en nuestra carta de animaciones y espectáculos.

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